Sparkly new Rainbows

A sparkler, but not one from this meeting

A sparkler, but not one from this meeting

The week after half term, I did my first guiding thing in my new town. Woohoo!

My Rainbows had a joint meeting with another unit. They rotated between doing sparkers outside, making edible sparklers (chocolate fingers dipped very quickly into hot water to melt the end and then dipped into sprinkles), and making firework pictures with chalk on coloured paper.

I was on sparkler duty as I’m always happy to play with fire, along with another leader and a mum. It was slow going because the lighter I as given had run out of fuel, so we had to use matches to light the first sparkler. And most of the Rainbows didn’t have gloves, so we had to share the few that we had, so only a few girls could sparkle and a time. Still I think they had fun!

I didn’t work out which girls were my new Rainbows (not many, I think, because it wasn’t their usual meeting night or place) and which were from the other unit, but hopefully I’ll recognise a few next week when the unit meets as normal.


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