Frozen party and Promises

Last week some of my Rainbows made their Promises, and we had a Frozen-themed party to celebrate.

We started with a snowball fight. Each Rainbow got a sheet of newspaper and ripped in half, and half, and half again so they had eight pieces (more or less!) to scrunch into balls. Then we had a free-for-all throwing paper at each other for a few minutes.

Next they made melted snowman biscuits (like the one above) with a digestive base, an icing puddle, a mashmallow head, a strawberry lace scarf, matchmaker arms, and a writing icing face. My Guides made them a couple of years ago, and I have to say there wasn’t much difference in artistic quality between the Rainbows and the Guides!

Then we played musical icebergs (like musical chairs, but dancing between bits of newspaper on the floor), which was good fun except a bit short because our Brownie helper didn’t always get the hang of taking away just one piece of paper each time!

After a round of that, we sat down for a drink and a Frozen cupcake, and parents started to arrive to watch the Promises. We had about 8 girls making their Promise, because a lot joined all together recently. We stood in a circle and the girls came up to get their certificates and badges, then we all said the Rainbow Promise together. I’ve only known them a couple of weeks, but it was still a warm fuzzy guiding moment to pin on the badges and say “Welcome to Rainbows.”

The other Leader and I had a little confused moment where we made the salute and realised the Rainbows were looking at us blankly because they’d never seen it before. It looks like the general consensus is that Rainbows are welcome to make the sign (or try to – some don’t have the co-ordination yet), so I’ll have a think about teaching it to them.

Finally, we gave all the Rainbows a little paper snowman (in the picture) to remind them of their Promise. I’m not sure where they came from, I think the other Leader just found them and thought they’d be nice keepsakes.


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