Christmas wreaths and mice

Last week the Rainbows did some Christmassy crafts.

Well, first we sang the penguin song, because I do enjoy a bit of singing and I wanted to test the waters with how much the Rainbows like it. Good news! Some of them knew it already, and the rest picked it up and got into it, so I think they’re ripe for more songs.

Then they made Christmas wreaths with paper plates, tissue paper and bits cut out of old Christmas cards. I’d pre-punched a hole in each plate and added a hanging ribbon.

This was my attempt:

Christmas wreath (5)

And here are some of the Rainbows’ masterpieces:

Christmas wreath (2) Christmas wreath (6) Christmas wreath (4) Christmas wreath (3)

Christmas wreath (1)When the majority of Rainbows had finished and were running around having a play, I rounded them up for a game of Duck Duck Goose. It feels like we’ve played that a lot – I should probably think of a different game.

Next we made some candy cane mice, like these but much simpler. I’d just cut out mouse-shaped pieces of card, drawn on eyes, nose and ears, and cut out two slots. The Rainbows coloured them in and the leaders added candy cane tails.

Speaking of leaders, I met the unit’s Young Leader (also an older Guide) for the first time, and our 18-year-old leader-in-training. They seem great, so I’m looking forward to getting to know them better next term.

When most of the Rainbows had finished their mice, we sat in a circle and went round saying our name (anything to help me remember everyone’s name!) and something we liked about Christmas. Then the outgoing unit leader reminded them about a trip to the pantomime at the weekend – it was the first I’d heard of it, seems like I joined too late to be invited. Oh well, perhaps next year – and practised their audience responses. (“Oh no they didn’t!”) And then it was time to go. I swear it’s the longest hour of the week!


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