New year’s Rainbows

This term my Rainbows are doing activities from Rainbow Roundabout Festivals, plus lot of other festival-themed activities too. It’s a good time of year for them. I know we don’t have to do them at the time of year when they actually happen, but it works out that there’s one to celebrate almost every week between now and Easter. It’s a nice structured way to ease me into my first term as the one in charge.

In our first meeting of the new year, we spoke a bit about festivals, and thought of ones that we knew.

We started with Christmas by playing the Christmas card game. This is a classic first-meeting-after-the-holidays game in my old Guide unit (and many others, I suspect). I brought in a load of old Christmas cards and put them in a pile on the floor. The Rainbows lined up in teams. I called out something you might find on a card, like “Santa” or “a snowman”. The first Rainbow in each line ran up to the pile and tried to be the first to find a card with that thing on it. When the first one found it, she waved it in the air. I gave her team a point, she put her card back, and the girls who had come up went to the back of their line.

The Rainbows enjoyed it, but they were nowhere near as competitive as my Guides! They were more interested in looking at the pretty pictures on the cards.

Next we moved forward to the new year. We wrote/drew new year’s wishes on stars, and stuck them on a big star. I’m glad I had more stars than Rainbows, because most of them wanted to do 2 or 3 each.

new year's wishes

Their new year’s wishes included:

  • to look after their dog (twice)
  • a cat
  • a brother
  • not to tease their brother
  • happiness for everyone (I think that was a parent helper)
  • to visit everywhere in the world
  • snow (several times)
  • sun, the beach and ice cream (several times…I think the beach can be arranged, since we meet within spitting distance of one)
  • more/longer Rainbows (woohoo!)
  • to go to bed later (well, maybe if we have a sleepover)
  • not to go to school
  • a peashooter

I feel like we could have had a bit of a discussion about these – along the lines of sometimes we can achieve or work towards what we wish for, sometimes we have to be patient for it, and sometimes what we want isn’t really what’s best for us – but the girls were getting restless so instead we had some ball and skipping rope time.

After that we played an excellent game I learned from a Facebook group. The girls stand in partners and the leader calls out body parts. So “hand to hand” the partners touch hands, “knee to knee” they touch knees etc. Every so often the leader calls “Rainbow to Rainbow” which means change partners. I was advised – and can confirm – that they found a new partner without fuss as long as I called the next body part very quickly. “Bum to bum”, of course, they found hilarious.

That took us to the end of the meeting. I had a couple of Promise activities prepared too, but we can easily do them another week. I’m still getting used to how much and what balance of activities Rainbows can do in an hour!



4 thoughts on “New year’s Rainbows

  1. guideylaurie

    I’ve played “Body to Body” with my group (brownies type age) and they also found it hilarious. Noses to Noses they loved, and like yours, Bottoms to Bottoms! We played it that they had to find a new partner each time – they could repeat, but not immediately. Good way to mix up the usual groups!

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