Groundhog Day


Continuing with our festivals theme, last week the Rainbows learned about Groundhog Day.

Whenever I hear those words, I remember a Guide camp I went to a few years ago. I shared a tent with one of the cooks, and every morning when we woke up the first thing she’d say was “It’s like blooming Groundhog Day” (or words to that effect). Same thing every day!

Anyway, I don’t think any of my Rainbows had heard of it before – no reason why they would have – but they were interested to look at a picture of a groundhog I’d printed off. It occurred to me it would be even better to have a cuddly groundhog . I think I need one as part of my guider stash.

We played the game where the Rainbows run around (“groundhogs playtime”), then crouch down on the floor and close their eyes (“groundhogs go to bed”) and a leader covers one with a blanket, then the others get up (“groundhogs wake up”) and have to guess who’s hidden. They only needed one hint, for one of our newest Rainbows.

Then we made these pop-up groundhogs. The Rainbow Roundabout pack suggests using paper/plastic cups and lolly sticks, but we used big yogurt pots and drinking straws because I have lots of them at home. It’s a relief to have a bit more space in my hoarding cupboard.

The one in the picture is mine, but the Rainbows’ ones were much more colourful, of course. Actually, one girl made such a neat and tidy groundhog that I picked it up at the end thinking it was mine. She had to tell me twice that she couldn’t find hers before I realised I was holding it – whoops!

What was really nice was I posted this picture on a Rainbow leaders’ Facebook group and got not only some replies from other leaders who were doing this/had done it, but also a comment from the lady who put them into the Rainbow Roundabout. She said she got the idea from a Sparks group (Canadian version of Rainbows) and had used it many times over the years. It’s lovely to hear where these things come from. Thanks, Angela!

When everyone was finished we sang a song. It’s possibly meant to go to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot, but it ended up more like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Hey, whatever fits.

Wake up little groundhog, it’s time to rise, [pop groundhog up]
Time to wake up and open your eyes.
If you see your shadow, down you pop [pop groundhog down]
For six more weeks till winter stops.

On a different note, I learned a lesson this week: always check the toilets after the meeting. The week before, some Rainbows had made a mess (not deliberately, just because they’re little and can’t reach everything easily), and the Brownie leaders who meet after us had to clean it up. Oh dear. I should have been checking already, but I’ll remember in future.

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