Oh, I make pancakes with a little help from my friends

These are not my pancakes

These are not our pancakes

Last week at Rainbows we made pancakes. It was post-Shrove Tuesday so some of the Rainbows were already practised in making them and almost all in eating them!

I’d planned an extra activity (a bit of colouring to make a Thinking Day card for my old Guide unit) but in the end it took almost the whole hour to mix the batter, lay the tables, add toppings, enjoy the pancakes, and clear away.

I guess I’ll have to make my own card instead of getting 5-6 year olds to do it for me.

I was super impressed with the Rainbows as they had to do quite a lot of waiting (to be given a job to do, to get their pancake, to wait for others to finish). They were really patient and well-behaved. In the few minutes left at the end we played an active game to work off some of the energy and sugar.

Most of all I was grateful for my two mum helpers. It was just the three of us that night, as the other leaders couldn’t make it. They helped the Rainbows to mix the batter, then they took it to the kitchen, fried 17 beautiful pancakes, and washed, dried and put away everyone’s plates and cups. I went into the kitchen at the end of the meeting expecting to help with the clearing up, and there was nothing for me to do.

They’ll be leaving when their daughters move to Brownies at Easter, and I’ll be sorry. And holding onto their contact details in case I can entice them back.

Note to self

2 eggs was good for 6 Rainbow-sized pancakes.

Past pancake adventures


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