Thinking Day cards

Thinking Day cards 2016

Today is World Thinking Day.

I haven’t done anything for Thinking Day with my Rainbows this term. It’s not ideal, but for one reason or another it didn’t happen. I didn’t plan any activities into unit meetings thinking we were going to have a Division activity day, but then it had to be cancelled (hopefully just postponed) and I still didn’t squeeze it into our meetings. Try again next year.

My consolation is we’ve had quite a few meetings with an international theme. That and I’ve sent my Rainbows ‘Happy Thinking Day’ cards, so they’re at least aware of it.

I flipped through old issues of Guiding magazine for pictures to use, and I found this sweet photo of Rainbows wearing uniforms from around the world (it was in the Autumn 2012 issue if you want to know). They’re lucky to have access to such a great collection!

I slipped in a little colouring sheet and a couple of sentences about what Thinking Day is and who we think of, and I popped them in the post a few days ago. I’m always excited to get things by snail mail, so hopefully the Rainbows will be too.

Happy Thinking Day to all my sisters in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.

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