Muslim festivals

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Last week at Rainbows I had a break from planning, because my unit helper and leader in training (who are mother and daughter, and Muslim) kindly agreed to run a meeting on Muslim festivals.

All I had to do was turn up with a jam jar for everyone, and sharpies to decorate them. I was pleased that I had just the right number of jars in my hoard. Or rather, I did once I’d finished some jam and chocolate spread – it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. I discovered the power of WD40 for getting stubborn sticky label glue off jars, and now I have a bit more space in my cupboard of containers.

My unit helper came in a beautiful salwar kameez. She started with some show and tell, passing round photos of her wedding, a Koran, and a bowl of tasty nutty rice pudding-like food for everyone to try. Lots of Rainbows had a taste, but only one liked it! I thought it was great, I’d have happily finished it! I’ll have to ask how to make it.

Then we decorated our jars with sharpies to turn them into coloured lanterns. We didn’t try lighting them there, but the Rainbows put a tea light inside their jars to take home. (And yes, I removed all trace of WD40 from the jars – perhaps next time I’ll try cleaning them with something less flammable!)

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After that we played a quick game and did an activity from Rainbow Roundabout Festivals based on the Night of Forgiveness, where we chatted about what it means to say sorry and forgive someone, and we said kind things about each other. Another quick game, and it was time to finish.

It was nice having having breathing space to do a little admin and badge stuff in the meeting, and have fun with the Rainbows helping them to follow the instructions. They probably enjoyed listening to someone different too!


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