Welcome back, Rainbows!

This is not our parachute

This is not our parachute

Our first meeting of term was filled with “getting to know you” games. I chose this partly because they’re one of the activities in Roundabout All About Me, which we’re working on this term, and partly because after the long summer holiday, with some older Rainbows gone and a new one starting, it was a good time to get to know each other again.

We played the blanket game (where you hide someone and all the other Rainbows have to guess who it is), always goes down well.

We tried the game where everyone sits in a circle on chairs and a leader calls out “Move one space to the left if you have a brother/sister/cat/dog/brown hair etc.” The idea is that some girls move each time and others don’t, so sometimes they end up sitting on each other’s laps. It took a while and a bit of adult help for the girls to get the hang of this (not least knowing which direction was left), but we might try this again at some point.

Then we got out a new toy I’d bought over the summer, a parachute. I agonised a bit over the options, but went with this one as it has lots of handles and is a reasonable price. I’ve got no complaints so far. We spent a while just having fun swishing it around and throwing a cuddly toy into the middle, then we played the game where you run under and swap places if you have a brother/sister/cat/dog/brown hair etc.

We had a quick drink, played a version of sleeping lions that one of the older girls told me about – I’m not sure if we played it quite as she meant, but the Rainbows seemed to enjoy it – then it was time to go. A slightly bitty, but fun, first meeting back.

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