Ambitious autumn baking

hedgehog cakes.jpg

Hedgehogs and “hedgehog food” – apparently they eat chocolate buttons

Our fourth meeting of the term was ambitious because we tried to bake two things in one evening – and just about succeeded!

I had originally thought of decorating cakes like hedgehogs, then my unit helper mentioned that she had autumn and Halloween-themed cookie cutters which we could use. I didn’t want to refuse her idea, but I also didn’t want to let go of the hedgehogs, so I decided we could do biscuits and cake decorating in an hour.

We *could*, but only with a bit of hecticness and no time for Rainbow Chat or a proper game. I was lucky to have a mum helping that night (well, I had asked her) as well as my two unit helpers – it definitely needed all of us to help the Rainbows, clear up, and get biscuits in and out of the oven.

I was really impressed with the group of girls I was working with. I didn’t need to help them much at all – they read the recipe instructions and did most of it themselves, being very sensible and sharing the tasks.

We had just enough time to cook the biscuits and the girls made some lovely hedgehogs, but they would probably have been just as happy – and the meeting a bit saner! – with one or the other food. Still, a good evening, and I’d do either one again.


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