Wildlife park takeover


Back in May, I took my Rainbows to a nearby wildlife park. It wasn’t just us: several hundred other Rainbows from around the county were there too, for a takeover day.

In some ways it was a strange day. For one thing, I was the only adult from my unit who could make it, so I put out a call for parent helpers and in the end had 3 mums and a dad with me. They’re all very nice and helpful, but it gave the day a different dynamic from day trips with guiders than I’m used to.

For another thing, the ‘Rainbow takeover’ element wasn’t quite was I expected. Yes, hundreds of Rainbows entered the park at the same time, and we got activity sheets to fill in as we went around, and we saw other Rainbows everywhere we went. But apart from that, we might as well have gone on our own as a unit. There was no big get-together of everyone, and no special activities on just for Rainbows.

Still, the fact is I wouldn’t have thought to organise a trip like this for my unit, so it was really good to have a reason to go there. We had fun seeing all the animals – I especially liked the butterfly house, and got some lovely pictures of butterflies settling on Rainbows’ hands – and of course spending time on the indoor and outdoor playgrounds.

Now that I’ve been and seen that it’s a good day out, I’d consider going back to that wildlife park in future.

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