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A fit of organisation

Going off at a tangent from guiding (but no doubt relevant to most leaders), I had a long overdue tidy-up of my stationery and crafty bits.

Since I moved into my house in September, they’ve been thrown haphazardly into various boxes and containers.

Now the pens, coloured pencils and papercraft things are in one storage cube:


Paper, card and notebooks are together on the shelf:


Sticky and fixy-together things (glue, tape, blue tack, stickers, paperclips, staplers etc) are in another cube:


The pencils and rubbers have merged into the household supply:


Needlecraft things, beads and miscellanea are in a box:


I found some magnetic strips and glued them to the back of little notepads – now they’re in the kitchen ready to have shopping lists scribbled on them.


And there’s a sample craft on display: