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Thank you, Lifeboats


Back in summer my Rainbows visited our local lifeboat station. The following week, they made cards and pictures to say thank you. I took those home and they sat in a bag in my house for 6 months.

Just before Christmas, I finally delivered them to the Lifeboat station. I hope the volunteers there enjoy them!

Rainbows get sweet

sweet pots.jpg

Going back to the summer term, my Rainbows filled and decorated sweet pots to sell at a fundraising coffee morning for the units who meet in our hall.

I got a load of smoothie cups with lids, and the Rainbws did a great job with Sharpies and stickers on these pots. They got to choose 10 sweets from a mixed bag to put into each pot.

I was proud at how restrained they were, not eating the sweets! They did get a few leftovers at the end ūüėČ

An arty autumn walk

autumn-walk (2).jpg

A person, I think

For our third Rainbows meeting of the term, we took advantage of the still-light evenings and good weather, and went for a walk in the park.

I gave each Rainbow a carrier bag and asked them to gather any interesting natural objects they thought would be good to make a picture. (With discussion of what was natural versus man-made, and what was safe/not safe to pick up.)

There weren’t many obviously exciting natural objects on our walk: we didn’t pass many trees, and the ones that were there hadn’t dropped their leaves yet. Still, the Rainbows managed to get collections of a few leaves, sticks, stones and bits of grass. Some absolutely filled their bags while others were very selective about what they took!

They made pictures on a bit of grass – it was a bit windy, which added an extra element of challenge! Then we went to the play park until it was time to go back.

Happy Holi-days!

Last week the Rainbows celebrated Holi, the Hindu festival of spring and colour.

We started with a game of “What’s the colour, Miss Rainbow?” It’s like “What’s the time, Mr Wolf?” but instead of a time, the Rainbow at the front says one, two or three colours and the¬†others repeat them and take that many steps. Supposedly. There was a lot of cheating¬†reinterpreting¬†the rules going on!

Then we went outside and drew on the paving slabs with giant chalks. The chalks were¬†possibly the best ¬£1 I’ve ever spent. It was great, all of them got really into it, and we had¬†a lovely clear¬†evening to do it.

So¬†we didn’t throw paint at each other as is the tradition at Holi, but from the amount of chalk some Rainbows managed to get on themselves and their clothes, we might as well have! They were all really excited¬†to show me how chalky their hands were.

My Brownie helper was particularly helpful this evening. She was very good at handing out and collecting the chalks, and at the end of the meeting she taught us all a new game. I’ve been a bit uncertain about what to do with such a young helper, but¬†now I feel more encouraged about it – hopefully it’ll be a win for everyone.