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Them bones, them bones


My skeleton, rocking the blue bones

The last meeting before half term was billed in the programme as ‘My amazing body’ – the idea being that we’d keep it open-ended and decide nearer the time what body-related activities to do.

My unit helper suggested these cotton bud skeleton pictures, which tied it in nicely with Halloween, without being too Halloweeny.

So we started off with some songs to get the Rainbows thinking about their bodies: ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’, ‘I’m being eaten by a boa constrictor’, and the Penguin song. Then my unit helper read them a Funnybones story while the other leaders laid out the crafty bits. And then we did skeleton pictures.

There was great variety in the skeletons, from very accurate copies of the picture I’d put out as a guide, to skeletons with hair and accessories, to a wonderfully abstract picture from our only-just-5-year-old. The key with these pictures is to carry them flat and not bend the paper at all, otherwise all the cotton buds fall off.

We finished off with a chat about what the Rainbows would like to do after half term (since I haven’t planned it yet: it seemed too much in August to think about what we’d do in December). They came up with some great ideas, like sparklers and First Aid, so by now I’ve hopefully put together the programme for the next few weeks.

Moose poem

(No prizes for guessing which song inspired this.  Could be useful…er…if we ever have an Elizabethan-themed campfire?!)

I sing of Fred, an elk of great repute,
Of cleanly habit, and of lively mind.
His only vice?  A drink of puréed fruit
Which oft he supped in bed as he reclined.
Alas!  One night he met with dreadful woe,
For, though he paid it all attention due,
His drinking cup did grievously o’erflow
Upon his locks, and on his pillow too.
“Oh lackaday!” cried Fred.  “My silky fur
Is stiff and sticky!  How to make amends?”
He styled a quiff, and soon it did occur
That he was quite the envy of his friends.
In short, if you spill juice upon your head,
Then make the best of it, just like our Fred.