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Anyone for tennis?

balloon tennis 3 (2) - Copy.jpg

The Rainbows with “rackets”, “net” and “tennis balls”

We had some glorious weather through the summer term, but the night when the Rainbows were scheduled to go meet at a local tennis court, our luck didn’t hold. It was wet the night before, and the court staff (who were very good at keeping me informed) told me on the morning that the ground wouldn’t dry in time to be safe to play on.

So we went with plan B. I texted and emailed parents at lunchtime (hurrah for technology!) saying that we’d meet in our usual hall instead.

There we played “tennis”, with balloons and paper plates, plus some balloon games: over-and-under relay races and so on.

The only hiccup? One Rainbow turned out to be terrified of balloons bursting. We were careful and managed only to pop a couple, and she was pretty brave, but I’ll hesitate before doing any more balloon activities while she’s with us.

Overall, not the meeting we expected, but still a fun session.

Fitsteps fundraiser


Participants dancing

Everyone enjoying a…whatever this move was

Recently, we had another fundraiser for International Trip Guide.  A couple of leaders in my district go to Fitsteps classes – Fitsteps is a bit like Zumba but with ballroom dance/Strictly moves, no partner or previous experience required – and because they’re chatty, enthusiastic people who tell everyone they know about Guiding, they mentioned ITG to their instructor and she very kindly agreed to run a taster session free of charge.

Free for the instructor, that is: we charged participants £5 and, as always, there were refreshments and a raffle.  I’ll tell you now that we raised a respectable £172.50, another dent in ITG’s fundraising.

Table of cakes for sale

An antidote to all that exercise!

I designed the posters and distributed some of them, and made some cakes, but I wasn’t involved in running the event; I just turned up and enjoyed!

I had a great time: I do like a good dance, and it was fun working out to waltz steps, quickstep and so on.  Some of the footwork was a bit too quick for me, but I like a challenge!  The instructor was very good (and energetic), and apparently she picked up a few new class members so it was a win all round.

Fitsteps instructor on stage

A bit blurry, but ideal for anonymity!

Attendance was ok, not massive – only one of my Guides came, despite a lot of pushing: you can lead a horse to water etc. – but actually it was a good number for the size of the hall.  Any more and it would have started to feel a bit crowded.  I spoke to a few leaders/Trefoilers/friends’ mums whom I hadn’t seen for a while, which was lovely.


A rounders bat in action

This week, the Guides went to visit another Guide unit in our Division, in a nearby village.  Their summer meeting place is in a field!  (But they’re allowed to use the British Legion Hall when it rains.)

We played a game of Horses and Jockeys – appropriate as there were horses in the next field – and then played a game of rounders, with each team playing for 15 minutes.  As both our units had good attendance, the teams were quite big, about 20-a-side, so some girls were, shall we say, more involved in the game than others!  We think that if we do it again next year, we’ll try to split the group and have another activity going on.

A Guide with a rounders bat and ball

While this was happening, some of our leaders and young leaders were having a productive time planning next week’s meeting, signing off bits of a leadership qualification book, and doing camp admin.  A luxury of having more adults than usual!

It was nice to see that this unit, which re-opened just a couple of years ago after the village had been Guide-less for a long time, is going from strength to strength: both in terms of Guide numbers, and a growing team of adults and a young leader.  As the Unit Leader told me, it’s a great relief to have a team after being the only warranted leader for a long time.  It’s meant they’ve been able to offer the girls more opportunities, like going on their first camp a few weeks ago.

We finished off with singing round an altar fire (which was great except for when my co-leader swallowed a bit of dandelion fluff and had a coughing fit!) and toasting marshmallows.

Rounders 3

One of the best bits of a campfire