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Thinking Day cards

Thinking Day cards 2016

Today is World Thinking Day.

I haven’t done anything for Thinking Day with my Rainbows this term. It’s not ideal, but for one reason or another it didn’t happen. I didn’t plan any activities into unit meetings thinking we were going to have a Division activity day, but then it had to be cancelled (hopefully just postponed) and I still didn’t squeeze it into our meetings. Try again next year.

My consolation is we’ve had quite a few meetings with an international theme. That and I’ve sent my Rainbows ‘Happy Thinking Day’ cards, so they’re at least aware of it.

I flipped through old issues of Guiding magazine for pictures to use, and I found this sweet photo of Rainbows wearing uniforms from around the world (it was in the Autumn 2012 issue if you want to know). They’re lucky to have access to such a great collection!

I slipped in a little colouring sheet and a couple of sentences about what Thinking Day is and who we think of, and I popped them in the post a few days ago. I’m always excited to get things by snail mail, so hopefully the Rainbows will be too.

Happy Thinking Day to all my sisters in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.


World Thinking Day 2015

This year we had our Thinking Day celebrations on actual Thinking Day, since it was a Sunday. We did it as a district, nothing fancy, just a couple of hours of international-themed activities, squash and cake, renewal of Promises, a little singsong, and off we all go.

We had six rotating activities based on the three countries our international trip Guides and Young Leaders are visiting this year:

  • Japan (origami and races moving things with chopsticks)

  • India (making/decorating card elephants and drawing round hands then drawing on henna designs)

  • USA (s’mores and making the Golden Gate Bridge out of marshmallows and spaghetti)

I was on s’mores, along with Queen’s Guide Buddy and our old Young Leader who was back from university for a few days. The girls toasted marshmallows/veggie jelly sweets on skewers over tealights, and smooshed them with a square of chocolate between two digestives. Om nom nom. And only a couple of “burned” fingers. Yes, we did have a handwashing/cooling bucket to hand, and the girls did tie back their hair.

The girls went around in mixed-age and mixed-unit groups, decided by coloured name stickers as they arrived, which meant they got to hang out with some new people and the older ones could help the younger ones.

We also had the second round of the Great Girlguiding Bake Off. The three(ish) winners from each unit brought along another three decorated cupcakes, and our judges (a couple of Trefoil Guilders) named a winner and a runner up from each section. One of my Guides was runner up, but the winning Guide was from the other unit – she’ll be making something else for the Division round in March.

I’m relieved to say I didn’t win the adult competition, as I think my housemates are getting fed up with Victoria sandwich!

As expected, there were a lot of Rainbows and Brownies, but only a few Guides – and most of them were only there because they were in the Bake Off. Maybe a bit of a shame, as Thinking Day should be for them too, but they have more pressures on their time and I can see why a “fun activity afternoon” isn’t enough to tempt them. There were quite a few Senior Section helping out with activities, and some Trefoil Guilders, so we did at least have someone from every section of the guiding family.

A belated happy Thinking Day to my friends in Girlguiding and Girl Scouting everywhere.