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Happy Holi-days!

Last week the Rainbows celebrated Holi, the Hindu festival of spring and colour.

We started with a game of “What’s the colour, Miss Rainbow?” It’s like “What’s the time, Mr Wolf?” but instead of a time, the Rainbow at the front says one, two or three colours and the others repeat them and take that many steps. Supposedly. There was a lot of cheating reinterpreting the rules going on!

Then we went outside and drew on the paving slabs with giant chalks. The chalks were possibly the best £1 I’ve ever spent. It was great, all of them got really into it, and we had a lovely clear evening to do it.

So we didn’t throw paint at each other as is the tradition at Holi, but from the amount of chalk some Rainbows managed to get on themselves and their clothes, we might as well have! They were all really excited to show me how chalky their hands were.

My Brownie helper was particularly helpful this evening. She was very good at handing out and collecting the chalks, and at the end of the meeting she taught us all a new game. I’ve been a bit uncertain about what to do with such a young helper, but now I feel more encouraged about it – hopefully it’ll be a win for everyone.


Candy cane reindeer and Christmas cards

This week at Guides we did some Christmassy crafts.  First we made candy cane reindeer.  We had a good production line going, with some Guides adding pipe cleaner antlers, others sticking on googly eyes, and others sticking on pompom noses.  (Over the years, we’ve found that double-sided sticky tape, as new as possible, works best for sticking things on.  The pompoms came from this ribbon.)

Christmas crafts (7)We made a veritable horde of reindeer – almost 200!  We’ll be selling them for 50p each at the town’s Christmas fair tonight.

When we’d exhausted the candy cane supplies, we made Christmas cards, using a packet of blank cards and trying to use up some of the fancy paper and jazzy bits in our craft box.  Queen’s Guide Buddy brought along her die cutter, which has Christmas shapes, so we cut out lots of those for the Guides to use.

We asked the girls to make one card to take home and one that we can give to a local elderly care home.  In practice, some girls made two, while others only had time to make one.  Anyway, we have a good little stash of cards to give out.

Christmas crafts (11)

Another positive from tonight were that our new Young Leader took on a more leader-y role than she has before; no criticism to her, as she hasn’t had much chance in the last several weeks – we’ve had quite a few meetings that weren’t very leader-heavy.  It’s really good that she’s keen to get involved when needed.

In other news, a whopping three of our older Guides have been selected to go on region international trips next year (as well as a Ranger/Young Leader who was selected last year but travels next year).  This is extremely exciting, but means intense fundraising times ahead!

Next week is our last meeting of term, so we’re having a Christmas party.  Huzzah!


Barbecues (1)

This week’s meeting was straightforward.  Unit Leader suggested it would be nice to cook on barbecues before it got too dark – we meet from 7:00-8:30pm, so all our meetings are pretty much in darkness from October to March.

We brought disposable barbecues and matches, the Guides brought food and utensils.  They’re dab hands at outdoor cooking now after our two summer cook outs, and most groups went beyond just sausages and burgers: I saw bacon, salad, kebabs, chocolate bananas and, of course, marshmallows.  Some patrols were even over-equipped, and needed reminding that when cooking on a barbecue, unlike on a fire, it’s not necessary to wrap everything in silver foil.

We did it on the gravel driveway of the house next door to our hall.  We are very lucky that one of our Guides lives there and her parents are more than happy for us to use the drive and garden.  We all waved to her little brother before he went to bed!  We were also lucky that they have a floodlight, otherwise it would have been very dark by the time we finished.

The Guides pretty much looked after themselves.  I experimented with a bit of craft for selling at stalls, but decided I needed more time and daylight to try it properly.

Just before the end, we cleared up, went back inside, and presented Young Leader with a leaving present, as it was her last meeting before going to university.  It’s quite a landmark – she’s been helping us for over 4 years, and was a Guide for 4 years before that, so altogether she’s shared some of the most formative years of her life with this unit, has changed, grown, had new experiences, and given us countless hours of help.  No need to be too sentimental, as we’re likely to see her when she’s back for the holidays.  We asked all the Guides (and leaders) to bring in something small to put in a hamper (i.e. a box wrapped in coloured paper) for her.  It looked great when we put it all together: there were sweets, stationery, toiletries, make up, hot drinks equipment – I’m sure she’ll be pleased to have them all at university!

Miraculously, the meeting finished on time, in fact a couple of minutes early.

Barbecues (2)